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DryVac Environmental Services

Welcome to DryVac Environmental Services

Welcome to DryVac Environmental Services

Welcome to DryVac Environmental ServicesWelcome to DryVac Environmental Services

Waste Water

DryVac in Waste Water Treatment

There are DryVac installations worldwide, as well as, in the USA for municipal wastewater treatment. Other units worldwide are processing industrial bio-solids. In most of these applications, plants are typically fed with sludge ranging from 0.5% to 7% solids.

Activated Sludges

The processing of activated sludge is a common problem in wastewater treatment, as the material is difficult to dewater and has a negative impact on digestion processes. Often, it is mixed with other sludges prior to processing in an effort to improve its digestion and dewatering characteristics, but this can result in an overall drop in sludge handling efficiencies.

By treating activated sludges in the DryVac process separately from other sludges, it is possible to dry it to a level that makes economic sense. If required, the activated sludge can then be blended back with other sludges for the disposal route of choice. This could include gasification, incineration or land application.

DryVac Advantages

·  DryVac can compete favorably with and overcome many of the negatives associated with the liming of sewage sludges and the process is virtually odorless

·  From a health and safety viewpoint the process is relatively simple with minimal risk

·  The potential to achieve higher dry solids means less cost of transport and disposal

·   Enhanced treatment is achieved

·   Flexibility of disposal options

·   Excellent fit with waste to energy projects

·   Potential for combined heat and power applications with DryVac providing an excellent heat sink

·   Safe for environment

·   Potential for Carbon Credits.