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DryVac Environmental Services

Welcome to DryVac Environmental Services

Welcome to DryVac Environmental Services

Welcome to DryVac Environmental ServicesWelcome to DryVac Environmental Services


DryVac in Mining Treatment

DryVac can be used as part of the mining process to achieve higher efficiency for capturing the minerals such as gold and silver. DryVac can also used to clean mine tailings and drying out tailing ponds.  DryVac is also used in brine water management especially in shaft mine applications.

Solids Drying Capabilities

·  Mineral concentrates including Cu, Zn, Pb, Fe and Platinum Group Metals can be dried to consistently high levels using DryVac technology.

·  Fine Coal, such as tailings material, can be trapped, filtered and dried, either for reuse as a blended product with existing clean coal, or as part of palletized energy products blended with other waste materials

·  Muds, such as those from drilling operations can be recovered and dehydrated; while the chemicals used in conjunction with the drilling program can also be recovered

·  Clay products, such as Kaolin can be recovered and dried for, as an example, reuse as a boiler feed system lubricant in coal-fired energy facilities

·  Precipitates, such as Gold and Silver, Hydroxides can be washed and dried effectively without the risk of explosion typically associated with pressure filtration

·  Treatment of effluent/sludge from camp water and wastewater, + mine/mill/smelter waste water streams can also be dried effectively
Recovery of Solution

DryVac Advantages

·  Higher levels of mineral recovery 

·  The dried tailings material would be clean and will eliminate future environmental liabilty  

·  Water can be recycled or discharged based on the mine requirements 

·  Disposal cost will be greatly reduced or eliminated

·  Full recovery of solution with enhanced ability to recover metals

·  Desalination and dehydration of minerals and liquid streams with full recovery of all constituents

·  Cake washing applications of precious, base and by-product metals typically for increased recoveries, at-site recoveries and/or the recovery of valuable metals that are penalized/lost under smelter contracts.

·  Relatively simple process with minimal health and safety risks

·  Less transportation and disposal costs

·  Enhanced treatment is achieved

·  Flexibility of disposal options

·  Mobile, Modular, or Permanent units available

·  Real-time PLC uplink via satellite is available for remote monitoring

·  Replaces combination dewatering and drying, with one process. Examples include: Belt Press and Thermal Dryer o Centrifuge and Drying Ponds o Solar Evaporation Systems

·  Dramatically Reduces labor and material handling expenses