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DryVac Environmental Services

Welcome to DryVac Environmental Services

Welcome to DryVac Environmental Services

Welcome to DryVac Environmental ServicesWelcome to DryVac Environmental Services


DryVac in Chemical, Paint, Pigments and Dyes Treatment

In Chemical Process work, time and money is everything. If you are thermal drying, you have to scrub the exhaust from the process. With DryVac, the fumes are contained and the product is compressed. This presents a definite advantage because materials are filtered / dewatered and dried much faster allowing for shorter cycle times and lower overall cost. This saves Time and Money.

Metals Processing

Although the process is proprietary in nature, this unit is currently being used to manufacture a plating compound for the metals fabrication industry. This “little” 10 cubic foot unit is the same basic design as any other, but allows t to create and dry a product in an enclosed environment. No fumes from the filtration and drying process are vented to the atmosphere and the resulting liquid is reused.

Pigment Processing

Over the years, DryVac has installed systems for pigment manufactures. The DryVac process occupies a smaller area than normal Thermal Drying Processes. The DryVac requires no emissions control unlike other more intensive systems. A reduced energy cost was noted in these facilities as well.


One of our clients was literally losing money down the drain. Processed waste materials, “plastic nodes”, were found in the process waste stream. We developed a method to pump the wastewater containing this material into the DryVac. Once the material was dried, the nodes could then be reused. With DryVac, this company recovered significant lost revenue.